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Early-bird Deadline for Spring Short Courses Approaching

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Take advantage of the $100 early-bird savings by signing up now for a 2010 Ceramic Materials Short Courses. Savings end 30-days before each course, so register today.

Dynamic Behavior of Structural and Armor Ceramics
April 27-28 | Westerville, Ohio
Instructor: Ghatu Subhash, University of Florida
Topics: Projectile impact on armor; threat characteristics &
ceramic responses; dynamic fracture, fragmentation and comminution;
constitutive models for ceramic fracture under dynamic loads;
experimental methods for dynamic response; constitutive response of
comminuted ceramics.

Mechanical Properties of Ceramics and Glass
May 11-12 | Westerville, Ohio
: George D. Quinn, NIST and Richard C. Bradt, University of Alabama
Topics: Mechanical properties of ceramics & glasses for elastic
properties, strength measurements, fracture parameters &
indentation hardness, fundamentals of properties for topics, related
properties to structure & crystal chemistry, and standard test

Fundamentals of Glass Science and Technology

May 20-21 | Corning, New York
: Arun K. Varshneya, Alfred University
Topics: Glass science (commercial glass families, glassy state,
nucleation and crystallization, phase separation, glass structure),
glass technology, batch calculations, glass melting and forming, glass
properties and engineering principles, elementary fracture analysis,
and more!

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