MS&T’09 organizers have added a new symposium that will delve into the new and improved ceramic materials and how they are enabling scientists and engineers to develop important new energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly applications and technologies. The session (Oct. 27) will start with reports from the winners of ACerS Corporate Environmental Achievement (SELEE Corp.) and Corporate Technical Awards (A123 Systems).

These presentations will highlight their successful efforts, made possible by the development of new ceramics, to reduce emission problems with ceramic filters and to usher in a new generation of vehicles with a revolutionary battery technology. Two other talks in the session focus on high-performance materials, including thermoelectric materials that contribute to environment-friendly and energy-efficient devices and systems for vehicles. The final two presentations discuss opportunities for luminescent and optical ceramics to be used in various applications pushing the limits of efficiency and the prospect of transforming medicine by using ceramic scaffolds for tissue engineering.