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GOMD awards poster winners

At its Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, May 2018,  the Glass & Optical Materials Division awarded best graduate and undergraduate student poster prizes to the following winners. Thanks to Corning Incorporated for their sponsorship of the annual contest.

Graduate Student Posters:

1st place: Hongshen Liu, Pennsylvania State University 
                 Effects of Surface Initial Condition on Aqueous Corrosion of Glass

2nd place: Michael Kindle, Washington State University
                   Al2O3 Stabilized Lithium Borovanadate Glass for Use in Electrochemical                           Energy Storage Applications

3rd place: Junjie Zhao, University of North Texas and Zhejiang University 
                  Phase Separation in SiO2-Al2O3-BaO-BaF2 Oxyfluoride Glasses from                                   Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Undergraduate Student Posters:

1st place: James Brigham Clawson, Brigham Young University 
                 Multicomponent Glass Surface Hydroxyl Groups by Temperature-Resolved                     ToF-SIMS: Viability and Challenges 

2nd place: Taylor Mehmen, Coe College 
                   An Anomaly in the Glass Transition Widths of Mixed Alkali Lithium Cesium                     Borate Glasses 

3rd place: Yue Zhai, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
                  Residual Stress Field Around Sharp Indent