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ICACC’11 Award & Plenary Speakers Announced

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Sylvia M. Johnson

2011 James I. Mueller Award

Sylvia M. Johnson, NASA-Ames Research Center, USA

“Thermal Protection Materials: From Retrospect to Foresight”

Biography: Johnson’s research focused on ultrahigh temperature ceramics and composites. Since late 2009 she has been the Chief Materials Technologist at NASA-Ames. In 2008 she became a lifetime National Associate of the National Research Council.

Lalit Mohan Manocha

2011 Bridge Building Award

Lalit Mohan Manocha, Sardar Patel University, India

“Carbon/Carbon Composites to Ceramic Matrix Composites: High End Applications Through Controlled Microstructure”

Biography: Manocha’s research interests are carbon fibers and carbon-carbon composites for strategic and industrial
applications; processing, structure, properties relationship; and carbon
nanocomposites for structural, thermal and energy applications. He’s head of the Department of Materials Science.

William E. Lee

Plenary Speaker

William Edward Lee, Imperial College London, UK

“Opportunities for Advanced Ceramics and Composites in the Nuclear Sector”

Biography: Lee is currently Professor of Ceramic Engineering and Director of the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics in the Department of Materials at Imperial. His research interests include radwaste and radiation damage, glass ceramics, structural ceramics and ceramic matrix composites, high temperature refractory composites and ceramics in environmental cleanup.

Zhong-Lin Wang

Plenary Speaker

Zhong-Lin Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

“Nanogenerator and Nano-Piezotronics”

Biography: Wang is a Regents’ Professor, COE Distinguished Professor and Director, Center for Nanostructure Characterization, at Georgia Tech. He has published four scientific reference and textbooks, over 620 peer reviewed journal articles, 45 book chapters, edited and co-edited 14 volumes of books on nanotechnology, and held 28 patents. The H-index of his citations is 92.