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MS&T’10 Student Tour to NASA Johnson Space Center

Students were allowed to play rocket scientist for an afternoon during the student tour of NASA Johnson Space Center on Monday, October 18, at MS&T in Houston, Texas.  Approximately 30 students were able to get an inside look at the space center’s materials research and testing labs, where NASA researchers discussed some of their current projects. Students were also treated to a look at mission control for the International Space Station, featuring live camera feeds of astronauts on the ISS, as well as of the Earth from the station. At the end of the tour, students toured the vehicle mock-up facility where mock-ups of the space shuttle, space station modules, and other vehicle (built to scale!) are kept and used for astronaut training.

The tour was organized by ACerS President’s Council of Student Advisors.


Students pause for a group photo in front of a space shuttle during the tour at NASA Johnson Space Center.