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Samuel Geijsbeek PACRIM International Award Winners

The Samuel Geijsbeek PACRIM International Award honors Samuel Geijsbeek, one of the founders of The American Ceramic Society, who died in 1943. He produced the first whiteware set west of the Mississippi, manufactured the first terra cotta in the Pacific Northwest (1907), and helped found the ACerS Pacific Northwest Section.

The award recognizes individuals who are members of the Pacific Rim Conference (PACRIM) societies, for their contributions in the field of ceramics and glass technology that have resulted in significant industrial and/or academic impact, international advocacy, and visibility of the field. Industrial candidates will be evaluated based on the technology development and commercialization, and the development’s current usefulness and importance, its uniqueness, and its economic significance.

The PACRIM societies are The American Ceramic Society, Ceramic Society of Japan, Korean Ceramic Society, Chinese Ceramic Society, and Australian Ceramic Society.

Two Geijsbeek Awards will be presented at the 2017 PACRIM meeting in Hawaii May 21-26 honoring Tatsuki Ohji and Hai-Doo Kim.

Tatsuki Ohji is a Fellow at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan. A Fellow of ACerS, ASM and AAAS, and an Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics, he has received numerous awards, including the ACerS John Jeppson Award and ECD Bridge Building Award. He currently serves on the ACerS Board of Directors, and is the ACerS Engineering Ceramics Division trustee.


Hai-Doo Kim is the president of Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS). He received Dr.-Ing from TH Aachen, Germany in 1987. After joining KIMS he served as the head of ceramic materials lab and vice president of KIMS. He served as the president of Korean Ceramic Society in 2013 and as the president of Korean Union of Chemical Science & Technology Societies in 2014. He is the fellow of The American Ceramic Society since 2010 and the academician of World Academy of Ceramics since 2011.