Check out all the speaker bios, abstracts and schedule for ACerS Special Lectures presented at MS&T’11, in conjunction with ACerS 113th Annual Meeting.

Frontiers of Science and Society–Rustum Roy Lecture
“Reinventing Manufacturing to Answer New Global Challenges and Market Opportunity,” Deborah L. Wince-Smith, President and CEO of the Council on Competitiveness

Alfred R. Cooper Session & Award
– “The Physics of Iso-Structural Viscosity,” Prabhat Gupta, The Ohio State University
– “Relaxation of Density fluctuations in Glass,” John C. Mauro, Corning Incorporated
– “Automatic and Robust TNM Model Parameter Estimation from Multi-rate DSC Data,” Pierre Lucas, University of Arizona

Richard M. Fulrath Award Session
– Japanese Academic: Junichi Tatami; Yokohama National University, “Improvement in Reliability of Ceramics”
– Japanese Industrial 1: Eiichi Koga; Panasonic Electronic Devices Co., Ltd., “Research and Development of Microwave Dielectric with Low Loss and Novel ZnO -Based Ceramic Varistor Material”
– American Industrial: Sujanto Widjaja; Corning Incorporated, “Porous Ceramics Materials for Clean Air Technologies”
– Japanese Industrial 2: Atsushi Omote; Panasonic Corporation, “Development of Ultra-low Thermal Expansion Materials”
– American Academic: Roger Narayan; University of North Carolina, “Two photon polymerization of inorganic-organic hybrid materials for medical applications”

Arthur L. Friedberg Memorial Lecture
“Processing Dielectric Oxides-New Opportunities and Challenges,” Clive A. Randall, The Pennsylvania State University

Edward Orton Jr. Memorial Lecture
“Lessons Learned after 40 years of Sintering Technical Ceramics,” Gary Messing, The Pennsylvania State University

Robert B. Sosman Lecture
“Interface Structure Dependent Microstructural Evolution in Ceramics,” Suk-Joong L. Kang, KAIST