Nominations open for five prestigious glass awards: Varshneya, Stookey, Morey, Kreidl, and Weyl | The American Ceramic Society

Nominations open for five prestigious glass awards: Varshneya, Stookey, Morey, Kreidl, and Weyl

There are five important glass-related awards that have nomination deadlines in the next few months, so please consider submitting a nomination!

Varshneya Frontiers of Glass Lectures: deadline November 16, 2015
The Frontiers of Glass Science and the Frontiers of Glass Technology lectures are designed to encourage scientific and technical dialog in glass topics of significance that define new horizons, highlight new research concepts, or demonstrate the potential to develop products and processes for the benefit of humankind. The award consists of a travel stipend of up to $2,500, a commemorative glass piece and a framed certificate

W.A. Weyl International Glass Science Award: deadline December 31, 2015
The Weyl Award, which is funded by Pennsylvania State University, will be presented at the International Congress on Glass. Any scientist 35 years old or younger, whose research and publications in the field of glass science show ingenuity, initiative, and above all, innovative thinking is eligible to apply. The award covers the winner’s travel expenses, room and board, registration fees and incidental expenses to attend the 24th ICG meeting in Shanghai, China, April 7-11, 2016.   

Stookey Lecture of Discovery: deadline January 21, 2016
The Stookey Award recognizes an individual’s lifetime of innovative exploratory work or noteworthy contributions of outstanding research on new materials, phenomena, or processes involving glass, that have commercial significance or the potential for commercial impact. The winner presents a distinguished lecture at the GOMD annual meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, May 22-26, 2016. The winner receives a Steuben glass piece, a certificate, and a $1000 honorarium.

George W. Morey Award: deadline January 21, 2016
The Morey Award recognizes new and original work in the field of glass science and technology. The criterion for winning the award is excellence in publication of work, either experimental or theoretical, done by an individual. Giving a lecture at the May 2016 GOMD meeting is a requirement of acceptance. The award consists of a Steuben glass piece and a certificate.

Norbert J. Kreidl Award for Young Scholars: deadline January 21, 2016
The Kreidl Award, which recognizes research excellence in glass science, is open to all degree-seeking graduate students (MSc or PhD) or those who have graduated within a twelve month period of the GOMD meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, May 22-26, 2016. Attendance at the meeting to present the Kreidl lecture is a requirement, so only those who can attend the meeting should apply. The winner receives a check for $500, a certificate, and a glass piece.

Nominations are needed for all five of these awards, so please consider submitting them for any or all of these awards. If you have any questions, contact Randy Youngman or Marcia Stout.