Calling all undergraduates! Soon you will be facing a time where you will need to make some hard decisions regarding your future. Make sure that you attend this year’s Undergraduate Global University symposium so that you can be sure to make informed decisions.

The Undergraduate Global University symposium will be held on Monday, September 30 starting at 8 a.m. at the Oregon Convention Center, Room A103.

Shown below is the detailed schedule:

8:00 AM
Introductory Comments

8:05 AM
A Comparison of Academic Versus Industrial Research Experiences
James Hemrick, Reno Refractories, Inc.

8:25 AM
Career Options in Refractories and Related Industries
Dana Goski, Allied Mineral Products Inc.

8:45 AM
Engineering Careers in Manufacturing and How They Can Improve the World
Keith DeCarlo, Blasch Precision Ceramics

9:05 AM
Engineering Graduate Opportunities at Alfred University
Gabrielle Gaustad and William Carty, Alfred University

9:25 AM
Graduate Opportunities at the Colorado School of Mines
Geoff Brennecka, Colorado School of Mines

9:45 AM
High Temperature Materials: Opportunities in Industry and Academia
Stefan Schaffoner, Lesley Frame, and Bryan Huey, University of Connecticut

10:05 AM

10:25 AM
Industrial Support for Undergraduate Research in the PSMRC
Ronald OMalley, Missouri University of Science & Technology

10:45 AM
Life at a National Laboratory in the Pacific Northwest
Charmayne Lonergan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

11:05 AM
Missouri University of Science and Technology: Graduate School Opportunities
Greg Hilmas and Kelley Wilkerson, Missouri University of Science & Technology

11:25 AM
My Unexpected Path from Ceramic Engineering to Nuclear Waste Immobilization
Fabienne Johnson, Savannah River National Laboratory

There is also an afternoon panel discussion scheduled starting at 2:00 PM.