Time to renew your membership – try a multi-year renewal! | The American Ceramic Society

Time to renew your membership – try a multi-year renewal!

Is your ACerS membership up for renewal at the end of the year?  The majority of ACerS memberships are. If you’re in this group (or even if you have another expiration date), take a moment to renew now by going to ceramics.org, clicking on the Renew button on the top of the home page, and following the prompts. You’ll need a credit card or PayPal for online renewal. Or call customer service at 866-721-3322 (US), or 1-614-890-4700 (outside US), or email customerservice@ceramics.org to renew. The fax number is 240-396-5637.  

Tired of getting renewal notices every year? Then sign up for a multi-year renewal option. You decide how many years to renew. Contact customer service if you would like a multi-year renewal since this is not available online.

Membership provides access to resources such as the ACerS Bulletin and to a network of people that you’ll find invaluable.  Please renew today!