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Advances in Sintering: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 209
by E.A. Olevsky, Rajendra Bordia
March 2010, Hardcover
US $125.00

Applications of Texture Analysis: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 201
by A. D. Rollett
November 2008, Hardcover
US $125.00

Materials Processing and Texture: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 200
by A. D. Rollett
October 2008, Hardcover
US $125.00

CESP Set 2007
by The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
August 2007, Paperback
US $395.00

Proceedings of the 6th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology
by The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
September 2006, Software
US $312.95

Characterization and Modeling to Control Sintered Ceramic Microstructures and Properties: Proceedings of the 106th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 2004, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 157
by C. DiAntonio (Editor)
May 2005, Paperback
US $90.50

Indentation Techniques in Ceramic Materials Characterization: Proceedings of the symposium held at the 105th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, April 27-30, in Nashville, Tennessee, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 156
by Ahmad G. Solomah (Editor)
January 2004, Paperback
US $121.95

Characterization and Control of Interfaces for High Quality Advanced Materials: Proceedings of the International Conference on ICCCI 2003, Kurashiki, Japan, 2003, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 146
by Kevin Ewsuk (Editor), Kiyoshi Nogi (Editor), Markus Reiterer (Editor), Antoni Tomsia (Editor), S. Jill Glass (Editor), Rolf Waesche (Editor), Keizo Uematsu (Editor), Makio Naito (Editor)
April 2003, Paperback
US $146.50

Ceramics and Civilization: The Prehistory & History of Ceramic Kilns, Volume VII
by Prudence M. Rice (Editor), W. David Kingery (Series Editor)
January 1997, Hardcover
US $111.50

Introduction to Phase Equilibria in Ceramics
by Clifton G. Bergeron, Subash H. Risbud
January 1984, Paperback
US $55.50

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