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Global Roadmap for Ceramic and Glass Technology with CD-ROM
by Stephen Freiman (Editor), Mrityunjay Singh, Gary S. Fischman, John
Hellmann, Kathryn Logan, Tom Coyle, Linn Hobbs, Jeff Smith, Costa
Sideridis, Marty Green, Robert D. Cook
June 2007, Hardcover
US $295.00

An Introduction to Ceramic Engineering Design
by David E. Clark (Editor), Diane C. Folz (Editor), Thomas D. McGee (Editor)
October 2002, Hardcover
US $90.50

The Magic of Ceramics
by David W. Richerson, Bonnie J. Dunbar (Foreword by)
February 2000, Hardcover
US $52.95

Ceramic Innovations in the 20th Century
by John B. Wachtman, Jr. (Editor)
January 1999, Hardcover


Alumina Chemicals: Science and Technology Handbook
by LeRoy D. Hart (Editor), Esther Lense (Associate Editor)
May 1990, Hardcover
US $222.95

Alumina as a Ceramic Material
by Walter H. Gitzen (Editor)
September 1970, Paperback
US $47.95

Introduction to Phase Equilibria in Ceramics
by Clifton G. Bergeron, Subash H. Risbud
January 1984, Paperback


Introduction to Drying of Ceramics: With Laboratory Exercises
by Denis A. Brosnan, Gilbert C. Robinson
June 2003, Hardcover
US $111.50

Ceramography: Preparation and Analysis of Ceramic Microstructures
by Richard E. Chinn
September 2002, Hardcover
US $179.50

Ceramics and Civilization: The Prehistory & History of Ceramic Kilns, Volume VII
by Prudence M. Rice (Editor), W. David Kingery (Series Editor)
January 1997, Hardcover
US $111.50

Tape Casting: Theory and Practice
by Richard E. Mistler, Eric R. Twiname
December 2000, Hardcover
US $111.50

Fractography of Glasses and Ceramics V
by James R. Varner, George C. Quinn, Marlene Wightman
August 2007, Hardcover
US $125.00

Failure Analysis of Brittle Materials: Advances in Ceramics, Volume 28
by V. D. Frechette
September 1990, Hardcover
US $90.50

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