Fiber-Reinforced Alumina-Based Composites Using Nonwoven Cellulose Fabrics
Fibrous alumina has been fabricated using vacuum infiltration of aqueous alumina slurry into two-dimensional nonwoven cellulose fabric.
M. Awaad, S.M. Naga, T. Khalifa, P. Greil, O. Russina, N.A. Ibrahim

Optimizing Stain Resistance in Tile
A two-level full-factorial experimental design has been successfully used to generate an empirical linear regression model for the factors that affect stain resistance of porcelain stoneware tile.

M. Romagnoli

High-Strength, Lightweight Spinel Refractories
High-strength, lightweight refractories based on spinel with ~50% porosity and ~50 MPa crushing strength were prepared using in-situ decomposition of magnesite to form pores.
Yan Wen, Li Nan and Han Bingqiang