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Bulletin April 2007 Vol 86, No. 4 Online-only papers

“Ballistic Strength of Opaque and Transparent Armor”
A hierarchic order of influences on wear resistance of ceramics is adopted and applied in a modified form on recent ballistic results that used submicron opaque and trans- parent oxide armor.
Andreas Krell and Elmar Strassburger

“Use of Samalayuca Dune Sand on Glass and Ceramics Processes”
The Samalayuca sand dunes contain several million tons of feldspatic sand that can be used as raw materials in the glass and ceramics industries.
Ezequiel Cruz Sanchez, Hilda Esparza-Ponce, Cesar Díaz, Francisco Saenz and Keith Boone

Silica Sand Deposits in Andalusia, SW Spain: An Overview”
The characteristics, reserves and applications of raw silica sand deposits found in southwest Spain are described.
Pedro J. Sánchez-Soto, Antonio Ruiz-Conde, Rafael Bono, Eduardo Garzón and Manuela Raigón

“Properties of Ceramic- Metal Composites Formed by Reactive Metal Penetration”
Oxide-based ceramic-matrix composites with high mechanical strength have been fabricated by infiltration of mullite bodies with molten aluminum alloy.

S.M. Naga, A. El-Maghraby and A.M. El-Rafei