Getting Fired Up with Synthetic Silicates
Alkaline-earth silicates can be used to increase the flux: quartz ratio of a glass batch to allow the glassmaker to use particularly difficult-to-melt formulas without hindering melting in the furnace.

John Hockman

Setting Additives Influence on the Thermomechanical Properties of Wet Shotcrete Refractory Castable Matrices
The effect of coagulants and setting admixtures on the thermo- mechanical properties of wet shotcrete refractory castable matrices was evaluated and discussed.
Y.A. Marques, R.G. Pileggi, F.A.O. Valenzuela, M.A.L. Braulio and V.C. Pandolfelli

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Sheridanite: A New Raw Material for Industrial Glass
Sheridanite, a nonmetallic mineral that contains magnesium chlorite and aluminum oxide, can be substituted for feldspars and dolomites to improve melting times and chemical resistance of glasses.

Rafael Jordán-Hernández, Natalia Vega-Sánchez, María E. Zayas-Saucedo, Humberto Arizpe-Chávez, César Diaz and J. María Rincón