Bulletin Aug. 2006 Vol 85, No. 8 Online-only papers | The American Ceramic Society

Bulletin Aug. 2006 Vol 85, No. 8 Online-only papers

“Industrial Waste Used in Floor Tile Glazes”
An attempt was made to reuse ceramic waste as a floor tile glaze via two-charge and double-pressing dry-glazing processes.
F.J.P. Sousa, A.P. Novaes de Oliveira and O.E. Alarcon

“Polarographic Determination of Magnesium in Sand and Flat Glass”
A polarographic method based on the reduction of Mg-EBT complex in aqueous ethylenediamine medium at the surface of a dropping-mercury electrode has been developed to determine magnesium content in sand and flat glass.
De-Xian Wang, Hong-Li Zhao, Ming-Liang Feng, Hong-Bin Lin and Chen Fang

“Refractory Selection for Long-Distance Molten-Aluminum Delivery”
Refractory linings for molten-aluminum transportation exert a dramatic influence on the ladles’ working lives and thermal efficiency, which ultimately defines the overall cost of their operation.
P. Bonadia, M.A.L. Braulio, J.B. Gallo and V.C. Pandolfelli

“Terra Sigillata from Residual Kaolin-Based Slip”
Terra sigillata slip prepared from a kaolin-based clay suspension has reflectance properties similar to coatings found on antique Roman pottery.

Oliver Muñiz-Serrato and Juan Serrato-Rodríguez