“Bismuth-Substituted Barium Titanate Thin Films Prepared Using Chemical Solution Deposition
The effect of heating rate on c/a ratio and microstructure of(Ba0.99Bi0.01)TiO3 ferroelectric film successfully prepared using a chemical solution deposition process was studied.

Haiyan He

“Chemical Solution Deposition of Manganese Titanate Films
A change of resistance of 2300% for a humidity change of 11.3–95% was observed in MnTiO3 films prepared using a chemical solution deposition process.
Haiyan He

“Creep of Hard Porcelain during Firing
The stress exponent, activation energy, thermal expansion behavior and compression strength of a porcelain body were evaluated from temperature and stress data.
Suat Yilmaz and Z. Engin Erkmen