Aluminosilicate Refractories for Aluminum Cell Linings
A systematic approach has been made to extend pot life and decrease refractory consumption of an aluminum smelter. Special attention is given to the characterization and selection of alumino-silicate refractories based on recent advances in understanding the deterioration of cathode materials.
P. Bonadia, F.A.O. Valenzuela, L.R. Bittencourt and V.C. Pandolfelli

TCF Technology for Oxy-Fuel Glassmelting
H. Kobayashi, K.T. Wu, G.B. Tuson, F. Dumoulin and H.P.Kiewall

Refractory Raw Materials in China
Recent developments in important natural and synthesized refractory raw materials are reported.

Ningsheng Zhou, Jiehua Liu and Binying Lin

Zhou et al., Figure 5