Bulletin Feb 2007 Vol 86, No. 2 Online-only papers | The American Ceramic Society

Bulletin Feb 2007 Vol 86, No. 2 Online-only papers

“Assessment of Coclinkered Shaped Magnesite–Chromite Refractories Processed from Egyptian Materials”
Dense magnesite, magnesite-chrome and chrome-magnesite briquettes processed from Egyptian seawater and natural magnesite as well as beneficiated chrome ore had low refractory load-bearing capacities that could be improved by decreasing their lime and silica contents.
M.A. Serry, A.G.M. Othman, L.G. Girgis and R. Telle

“Improvement on the Slip Casting of Bayer-Processed Alumina”

The slip properties of coarse-grained, high-soda-content, alumina powder produced as a byproduct of the Seydisehir aluminum plant were improved by washing, calcining and milling processes and addition of Cr2O3, TiO2 and MgO.
Turan Tambas ̧, Z. Engin Erkmen and Serdar Özgen

“Preheating Effects on the Particle Size and Anisotrophy of M-type Ba(TiMn)2Fe8O19 Powders Prepared via Sol-Gel Method”
Sol–gel-prepared and preheat-treated M-type Ba(Ti,Mn)2Fe8O19 powders showed notable change in atomic lattice anisotropy.
H.Y. He

“Use of Scrap Agate as Filler in Triaxial Porcelain Bodies through Mixture Design and Response Surface Analysis”
Quartz was replaced by scrap agate in a traditional triaxial porcelain composition, and the effect on the vitrification behavior and physicomechanical properties was investigated.
S.L. Correia, G. Dienstmann, M.V. Folgueras and D. Hotza