“Densification and Grain Growth of Microwave-Sintered Zinc Oxide Varistors”
Microwave sintering of ZnO varistor materials can be accomplished at lower temperatures and can decrease grain growth, when compared with conventional sintering methods.
Cong Lin, Zheng Xu, Hu Peng and Dan-Feng Sun

“Microwave Hybrid Sintering of Mullite Powders”
Microstructures of microwave-sintered samples were more homogeneous and displayed a narrower grain-size distribution than those of conventionally sintered samples and reached densities of 97% in 20 min.
Pollyane Marcia Souto, Romualdo Rodrigues Menezes and Ruth Herta Goldschmidt Aliaga Kiminami

“Polysilazane Precursors to Advanced Ceramics”
Polysilazanes offer a convenient route to the preparation of fibers, coatings and 3D continuous-fiber-reinforced ceramic-matrix composites that often cannot be prepared using traditional ceramic-processing methods
Alexander Lukacs III

“Water Corrosion Resistance of Metal Powders for Carbon-Containing Castables”
The use of metal powders as antioxidants for high- carbon-containing castables is feasible by selection of a suitable binder.
Vitor G. Domiciano, Jarem R. Garcia and Victor C. Pandolfelli