“Chemical Resistance of Non-Lead Phosphate Sealing Glass”
A non-lead phosphate sealing glass with high chemical durability, high thermal expansion coefficient and low softening temperature has been developed.
Liang Wen and Cheng Jijian

“Mullite-Zirconia Composites from Various Starting Materials”
Changing the reaction precursor of three mullite-ZrO2 composites with homogeneously dispersed ZrO2 grains had little effect on the densification and phase composition of composites at the highest firing temperature.
M. Awaad

“Crystallization of LAS Glass-Ceramics”
Y2O3 and La2O3 decrease crystallization point and facilitate transformation but cannot change the crystallization order of an LAS glass-ceramic.
Song-Quan Wu, Hai-Bo Zhao, Yu-Yan Liu, De-Zhi Sun and Fu-Ping Wang