“Erosion of Submerged Entry Nozzles by Casting Powders”
The erosion effects of three casting powders over three time periods on submerged entry nozzles used in continuous steel casting have been studied.
S. Devic ́ and L. Marc ̆eta

“Influence of Water on Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide Films”
Fluorine-doped tin oxide film was prepared using atmosphere-pressure chemical vapor deposition on float-glass with monobutyltin trichloride as precursor, trifluoroacetic acid as dopant and various concentrations of water as activator.
Hong-Li Zhao, Qi-Ying Liu, Yong-Xiu Cai and Fu-Cheng Zhang

“Microsilica Addition as an Antihydration Technique for Magnesia-Containing Refractory Castables”
Microsilica addition, which generates a protective magnesium silicate coating, is used as a magnesia antihydration technique to improve castable properties by decreasing volumetric expansion and, thus, microcracking.
Rafael Salomão and Victor C. Pandolfelli

“Use of Sulfur Dioxide in Chinese Float-Glass Production Lines”
Sulfur dioxide injected near the transitional roll desk in a float-glass production line can improve the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the glass surface, but can cause pollution to the tin bath, production line and workplace.
Liu Shimin, Qin Guoqiang and Li Dongchun