“Hydrothermal Treatment of CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-H2O System”
Hydrothermal treatment of kaolin–quartz–lime mixtures at various saturated vapor pressures was accomplished to study its effect on bulk density, apparent porosity and flexural strength.
Ritwik Sarkar and Swapan Kumar Das

“New Method Synthesizes Scarlet Pigments at Low Temperature”
A new method that enwraps cadmium sulfoselenide with zircon has been developed to synthesize stable red inorganic ceramic pigments at a comparatively low temperature.
Y. Zhang, J.C. Deng and X.D. Gu

“Thermal Stability of an Alumina-Based Refractory”
Thermal stability, dynamic Young’s modulus of elasticity, anisotropy and damage level of a 42% alumina refractory material were investigated using a water-quench test.
T. Volkov-Husovic ́, J. Majstorovic ́ and M. Cvetkovic