“Intercalated Kaolinite Synthesized Using Microwaves and Intercalation Reagents”
ntercalated kaolinite composites can be synthesized in significantly shorter times without decreasing the intercalation rates using microwaves and an intercalation reagent.
Zhi-Jie Li, Xian-Ru Zhang and Zheng Xu

“Effect of Materials Design on Properties of Porcelain Insulators”
Substitution of alumina for silica improved the mechanical properties of high-voltage porcelain insulators but did not have a significant effect on their electrical properties.
N. Riahi Noori, R. Sarraf Mamoory and S. Mehraeen

“Mullite Castables Bonded by Calcium Aluminate Cement”
Physical properties of M40 mullite castables bonded by CAC with and without andalusite additions have been measured and show that andalusite compensates shrinkage and improves thermal shock resistance.
Bingqiang Han, Fangyu Chen and Nan Li

“Porous Ceramics with Tailored Properties”
A new direct-foaming technique has been developed that is able to produce large pieces of porous ceramics that can be directly cast after foam preparation without the use of toxic additives.
Vânia R. Salvini, Bianca A. Sandurkov, Rodolfo F.K. Gunnewiek, Daniel S. Rosa and Victor C. Pandolfelli