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March 22nd, 2012

Bulletin May 2005 Vol 84, No. 5 Online-only papers

Published on March 22nd, 2012 | By: Eileen De Guire

Hydration of Aluminum Powder in High-Carbon-Containing Refractory Castables
An investigation was made of the efficiency of various coatings in inhibiting the aluminum-water reaction in high-carbon-containing refractory castables.
V.G. Domiciano, I.R. Oliveira, R. Salomao and V.C. Pandolfelli

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Figure 2
Figure 3
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Figure 7

Refractory-Type Porcelain Compositions

Two porcelain compositions using clay, calcined alumina and feldspar attained full vitrification at 1,400°C and had significantly high flexural strength.

Swapan Kumar Das, Nar Singh and Himadri Sekhar Mait

Table 1
Table 2
Table 3

Spectrophotometric Determination of Tin in Float Glass
Phenylfluorone is used as a color development agent in a simple and rapid spectrophotometric method for measurement of tin in float-glass.

De-Xian Wang, Fang Chen and Zhi-Fu Liu

Synthesis of Pigments Using Aluminum-Rich Sludge
Aluminum-rich sludge has been used in the synthesis of pigments and tested with various commercial glazes.
V. Gomes, J.A. Labrincha and A. P. Novaes de Oliveira

Figure 1
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