“Synthesis of Hematite from Steel Scrap to Produce Ceramic Pigments”
Steel scrap was recycled and heat-treated as an alternative raw material for the synthesis of iron oxide-based pigments for the ceramics industry.
V.P. Della, J.A. Junkes, O.R.K. Montedo, A.P.N. Oliveira, C.R. Rambo and D. Hotza

“Castable Synthesis from Dolomite and Bauxite”
Dolomite and bauxite can be effective raw materials for the low-temperature synthesis of high-temperature castable refractories.
Stanisava Marenovic, Tatjana Volkov Husovic and Branko Matovic

“Sintered Mullite from Aluminous Ore for Refractory Application”
Aluminous ore was reaction sintered with calcined alumina to develop mullite aggregate, and added titania enhanced the densification process without deterioration of thermo-mechanical properties.
H.S. Tripathi, S.K. Das, B. Mukherjee and A. Ghosh

“Synthesis of O′-SiAlON Ultrafine Powder”

Ultrafine O′-SiAlON powders have been prepared using citrate sol-gel and carbothermal reduction/nitridation processes with O′-SiAlON crystal seeding.

H.J. Zhang, Z.L. Wang and H.T. Zhang