“Densification and Characterization of β-Spodumene-Cordierite Compositions”
The presence of β-spodumene in β-spodumene-α-cordierite composites significantly decreased the composites’ mechanical strength and coefficient of thermal expansion.
S. M. Naga, A. A. El-Maghraby and H. Mörtel

“Dimensional Modeling and Control of Ceramic Tile”
modeling was applied to quantify the influence of process control
variables on the length of fired tile manufactured from raw materials
and processes used by two floor-tile producers.

Agenor De Noni Jr., Claudio Modesto, Antonio Pedro Novaes de Oliveira and Dachamir Hotza

“Influence of Mineralizers on Mullite Synthesis”
Among the examined mineralizers, TiO2 exhibits the greatest effect on the mutillization process.
Ljubica Pavlovic, Sanja Martinovic and Anja Terzic

“In-Situ Mullite-Zirconia Composites from Kaolin”

Greater ZrO2 content in a mullite-ZrO2 composite made from kaolin produced increased density and higher flexural strength.

S.H. Kenawy, M. Awaad and H. Awad

“Processing and Characterization of AlMgB14-xTiB2 Composites”

Microhardness of 29.4 GPa in hot-pressed AlMgB14 and Vickers hardness of 30.2 GPa in hot-pressed 70-wt%-TiB2 -AlMgB14 have been achieved through HTS of ultrahard, superabrasive AlMgB14.
V. Kevorkijan, Sreco Davorin Škapin, M. Jelen, K. Krnel and A. Meden