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ACerS Structural Clay Products Division


Mission Statement  


Our Mission: The Structural Clay Products Division of The American Ceramic Society emphasizes the most efficient and economical ways to manufacture brick, pipe, red-body tile and other structural clay products.

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The Structural Clay Products Division of The American Ceramic Society emphasizes the most efficient and economical ways to manufacture brick, pipe, red-body tile and other structural clay products.

Credit: tanakawho; Flickr; CC BY 2.0


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 Meeting Spotlight  

ACerS Structural Clay Products Division & Southwest Section Meeting in conjunction with the National Brick Research Center Meeting

Columbia, South Carolina

June 5-8, 2018

Meeting Highlights:


Reported by Greg Geiger, ACerS technical content manager


Over 90 attendees converged in Columbia, SC June 5-8 to take part in the combined meeting of the ACerS Structural Clay Products Division, ACerS Southwest (SW) Section, and Clemson University’s National Brick Research Center (NBRC). A record number of eighteen companies sponsored this year’s meeting.

NBRC Director John Sanders leads the NBRC’s Executive Committee Meeting


The meeting kicked off with the NBRC Spring Executive Committee Meeting on Wednesday morning. NBRC Director, John Sanders, Testing Services Manager Mike Walker, and other NBRC staff provided the members with updates on current research and other updates on the Center. 



George Campbell of J. C. Steele & Sons updated attendees on thin brick testing

Technical Sessions

On Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning, attendees heard from 12 industry experts on a wide range of topics, including topics on energy (i.e., powering a brick plant with the sun at Palmetto Brick, results of an energy efficiency project at Meridian Brick’s Muskogee, OK plant, faster drying and firing considerations, and an update on energy savings at the kiln), advances in automation and robotics, thin brick processing and testing, tools to determine extrudability, advances in die technology, OSHA’s silica rule, and an overview on clay brick standards.


Michael Borden greets attendees at Carolina Ceramics

Brick plant tours

On Thursday, attendees toured two brick plants—Carolina Ceramics and Meridian Brick, both located in Columbia. At Carolina Ceramics, Michael Borden (CEO) and Grady Hansen (Plant Manager) greeted attendees and along with other staff guided attendees through the plant. Carolina Ceramics has the flexibility to produce a wide variety of sizes and colors using the combination of shale and kaolin raw materials and various additives. Colors range from light buffs and greys, red and brown colors, to flat set flashed products which they have built their reputation on. Carolina Ceramics currently has one plant dedicated to producing FBX quality brick and the second plant producing rustic products to simulate brick produced hundreds of years ago. After the tour, Carolina Brick treated attendees to a much appreciated barbeque lunch.

Attendees receive instructions from Jason Smith before the start of the tour of Plant 4 and their thin brick production facility.

A pallet of Meridians thin brick ready for shipment

Brian Christenson presents Harry E. Ebright Award to Glenn Holladay











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Division Leadership  

Chair: Luke Odenthal | Acme Brick | Ph: (817) 332-4101

Chair-elect:  Mike Walker | Clemson University | Ph: (864) 656-7358

Vice Chair: Jed Lee | Meridian Brick | Ph: (706) 421-3904


ACerS Board of Directors Division Liaison: Martha Mecartney | University of California, Irvine

President’s Council of Student Advisors Delegate: Arjak Bhattacharjee | IIT, Kanpur, India

Division Rules and Reports  

Structural Clay Rules

Structural Clay Annual Report 2012-2013

Structural Clay Annual Report 2013-2014

Structural Clay Annual Report 2014-2015

Structural Clay Annual Report 2015-2016on

Structural Clay Annual Report 2016-2017Rules and Reports


Beginning in 2019, the Structural Clay Products Division will recognize the  Best Presentation given at the prior year’s Annual Meeting. The winner will receive a plaque presented at the banquet during the next Structural Clay Products Division-Southwest Section-National Brick Research Center meeting.

Job opportunities  

ACerS Career Center

and Reportsivision Rules and ReportsDivision Rules and ReportsJDivision Rules and Reportsob Opportunities 



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