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The Importance of Workforce Training

Below is a message from Dr. Carl Frahme about the importance of ceramic and glass training during tough economic times.

What the students are saying about our courses...

"I’ve been surprised (over the years) how little is available in the ceramics field of shared general, practical, and technical information.  For me, ACerS have filled that void quite nicely by providing technically rich information designed to be immediately applied to the workplace.  The information has been technically astute, without becoming impractical, which is exactly what I needed to stimulate further thought and problem solving within my role as a Manufacturing Engineer.  It also inspired me to pass on the knowledge that I’ve gained (through ACerS) and developed within my context, to the production staff I work with daily.  Overall, our organization has thoroughly benefited from engagement with ACerS, and I look forward to continued engagement in the future."

"Dr. Brosnan’s teaching is both intellectually stimulating and very approachable.  He provides a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on the subject matter."

"Thank you, I truly learned a lot and really appreciated your insights and knowledge."

"It was sincerely beneficial to me in understanding the core concepts of why different ceramics bodies have specific characteristics and how they change through the manufacturing process. Very good stuff to understand, especially from a QE's perspective."

"Dr. Frahme's experiences and anecdotes were always interesting and provided helpful insight into various facets of the industry."

"This course helped fill in some of the basic materials science concepts behind ceramic materials and crystal structures."

"Thank you for an interesting class. You are easy to listen to, speak at the right level, and I will recommend this course going forward."

"This course has been extremely helpful in broadening my knowledge of ceramic science and can help me understand and possibly contribute to some of the issues my team runs into."

"This course will prove extremely helpful to me and to the people I interact with on a daily basis at work."

"I love the layout of the course in a timeline that makes sense from a process standpoint. I feel the topics that really shed light on problems we are currently experiencing were those leading up to actually firing product."

"The program has provided me with tools that can help me improve the performance of my organization. I would recommend the program to others without reservation."

"...the questions we had to answer in the assignments were very beneficial and allowed me to learn more about my company and the processing that we do. It was very nice to see how the information from the lectures integrated with work."


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