The ACerS Education and Professional Development Council (EPDC) created the EPDC Mentor Program Subcommittee in 2021 to manage and create new mentor programs based upon the framework of the PCSA’s long running and successful Student Mentor Program.

The EPDC Mentor Program Subcommittee launched a new Faculty Mentor Program this year to provide more opportunities for our academic-focused ACerS members. Several Faculty Mentor Program participants were matched and will officially continue their mentor relationship at least through the end of 2022. For this upcoming year, the EPDC Mentor Program Subcommittee put together a NEW Industry Mentor Program to cater to even more of ACerS membership.

The ACerS Mentor Programs are designed to equip participants with the insight, tools, and connections necessary to make a lasting impact in their future career. The goal of ACerS Mentor Programs is to connect members in an impactful way to help them grow personally and professionally. Many mentor program participants choose to return each program year to take on a new mentee and/or continue with an existing mentee.

We encourage all who are interested to sign up for one or more of the mentor programs being offered. Be sure to visit to sign up for the 2023 mentor programs!

We gathered together some of the 2022 mentor program participants, along with some of ACerS leadership, during ACerS Annual Meeting at MS&T this year, and we hope to do the same at the annual meeting at MS&T23 as well.