WESTERVILLE, OHIO—The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)—the premier global membership organization for the technical ceramics and glass community—has formed a Manufacturing Division to address the needs of members and prospective members worldwide who work within the ceramics and glass industry and its supply chain.

The formation of the new division is one of two major strategic initiatives designed to bring together and meet the needs of ceramics and glass manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and producers of forming and finishing equipment, kilns, furnaces, quality control instrumentation, and all other devices used to manufacture ceramic and glass products.

The other is the partnership to launch the industry-focused Ceramics Expo tradeshow (April 28–30 in Cleveland, Ohio)—a timely and relevant meeting spot for the Division’s first formal gathering.

“Bringing ceramic and glass manufacturing back into the spotlight has been a strategic goal of the Society for a long time. And launching it at the new Ceramics Expo in April was perfect timing since the audience there is primarily from industry,” says William M. Carty, Ph.D., chair of ceramic engineering, Alfred University, and the division’s inaugural chair. “We look forward to pairing the Division and the Expo together for a long time and helping them both grow in size and influence in the ceramics and glass manufacturing community.”

Carty proposed the new division so that manufacturing companies and their employees have a more defined division within the Society to call home. He and several supportive members from industry began by developing a plan for transforming the Society’s inactive Whitewares and Materials Division into the new Manufacturing Division, a proposal that the ACerS Board of Directors has endorsed.

The new division will focus on meeting the broader needs of today’s manufacturers who produce or use ceramic and glass materials, including the entire supply chain. In addition to enhancing networking opportunities, it will address new manufacturing processes and techniques, sustainability, and business and environmental issues. Further, the division plans to provide quality technical information through meeting programming and technical content in ACerS publications; develop short courses and workshops that educate industrial personnel in the field of ceramics; and promote the recruitment and hiring of engineers into ceramic and glass manufacturing companies.

“I see the new Division as a much needed bridge between academia and industry and as a way that the two communities can engage,” says ACerS president Kathleen Richardson. “As both an academic and a business entrepreneur, I see many opportunities for interaction and I encourage all members to get involved in the Manufacturing Division.”

For more information on the new division or Ceramics Expo, visit www.ceramics.org.

About ACerS

Founded in 1898, The American Ceramic Society is the leading professional membership organization for ceramic and materials scientists, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, plant personnel, educators, and students. The Society serves more than 11,000 members from more than 75 countries.

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