06-05 JACerS special issue Dislocations in Ceramics

[Image above] Schematic and pictures of ceramic dislocations. Credit: Xufei Fang, Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Building on the expertise of the winner of the inaugural 2nd Century Trailblazers, the editorial team for Journal of the American Ceramic Society announces the open call for papers for the upcoming special issue on “Dislocations in Ceramics.”

While the structures and properties of dislocations in metals are well known, the investigation of these properties in ceramics is a relatively young research topic.

Led by guest editor Xufei Fang, the special issue welcomes papers on experimental and computational research on the structure of ceramics with dislocations, and the changes to properties and performance that result.

In his open-access JACerS article on the subject, Fang states that “Promising proofs-of-concept have been demonstrated for dislocation-tuned functional and mechanical properties, revealing a new research front for dislocations in ceramics for a wide range of potential applications.” He goes on to say, “It remains a great challenge to mechanically tailor dislocations in ceramics.”

Submissions are now being accepted on the JACerS Research Exchange submission site. Please select “Yes” to the special issue question and then select “Dislocations in Ceramics” as the special issue title. If you submit a cover letter, please mention the special issue title.

The deadline for submission to the special issue is July 31, 2024. Please feel free to contact Jonathon Foreman, ACerS journals managing editor, at jforeman@ceramics.org about this special issue or any items regarding the ACerS journals.