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Wednesday, March 6, 2024; 9a.m. – 10a.m. Eastern US time

Sponsored by the ACerS Energy Materials and Systems Division, the March webinar will feature three speakers: Writing successful grant proposals and How to Secure Post-Doctoral Position and Apply for Research Grants and Crafting Successful Proposals: Essential Tips for MSCA Fellowship Applications


Writing successful grant proposals

This presentation covers the essential elements and strategies to create a successful grant proposal. The fundamental and practical tips to maximize the chance of winning a proposal will be explored. Topics will include determining the right algorithm, structuring a persuasive proposal, demonstrating impact, and addressing evaluators’ criteria.

How to Secure Post-Doctoral Position and Apply for Research Grants

This lecture offers guidance on securing post-doctoral positions and navigating the process of applying for research grants. Topics include crafting compelling applications, identifying suitable positions, and understanding the grant application process. Attendees will gain valuable insights into advancing their academic careers in research.

Crafting Successful Proposals: Essential Tips for MSCA Fellowship Applications

The talk will cover essential strategies for crafting competitive proposals for the MSCA Fellowship program, including structuring proposals effectively, showcasing expertise, emphasizing impact, budgeting, and refining drafts. Attendees will gain insights into aligning their proposals with program objectives and maximizing their chances of success.

Dr. Levent Karacasulu, Izmir Institute of Technology

Dr. Levent Karacasulu completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Anadolu University. In 2018, he commenced working as a research assistant at the İzmir Institute of Technology. He freshly obtained his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the İzmir Institute of Technology in 2024.

His research has focused mainly on the processing of ceramics. His current interests include the sintering of ceramics utilizing different non-conventional sintering techniques such as cold sintering and Ultrafast high-temperature sintering. He is a member of the Turkish Ceramic Society and holds a position as a founding member of the American Ceramic Society – Türkiye Chapter.

Dr. Odai Al Balasmeh, University of Toronto

Odai Al Balasmeh is working as a postdoctoral fellow at University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada. He was appointed to be a part of the Ecological modeling lab in the department of Physical and Environmental Sciences in the year 2023. Before joining University of Toronto Scarborough, he worked with Jordan University of Science and Technology (Jordan) as a researcher in the Water Diplomacy Centre.

He earned his Doctorate degree from the prestigious Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, India in the year 2021, and his graduate degree is in Surveying Engineering. His Ph.D. work involved intensive fieldwork, monitoring and modeling of the watershed and water quality for its management. Currently, he is involved in various projects funded by the Canadian government.

Dr. Varun Kumar Reja, University of Cambridge Trinity

Dr Varun is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He is also a Postdoctoral affiliate of Trinity College. He recently obtained his Joint PhD from IIT Madras, India, and UTS, Australia, where he studied the use of computer vision for monitoring construction projects. His research area focuses on Automation in Construction, Digital Twins, and Construction Management. Before his current position, he was awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF) at IIT Madras.

He received the UTS President’s Scholarship (UTSP) and Collaborative International Research Scholarship (CIRS) at the University of Technology Sydney. He has rich on-field experience in project execution as a senior engineer, having worked in the industry with the Indian construction giant L&T. He holds a Master’s degree (M.Tech.) focused on Construction Technology and Management from IIT Madras, which he obtained through the L&T – Build India Scholarship Program (BIS), and a Bachelor’s degree (B.Tech.) in Civil Engineering from NIT Calicut. His current research at the University of Cambridge focuses on designing Digital Twins and Establishing their Unique data requirements.


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