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For more than 100 years, the Journal of the American Ceramic Society (JACerS) has been the premier platform for publishing in-depth and novel fundamental science research in the field of ceramics, glasses, and related materials. We are seeking highly qualified and diverse candidates for the role of associate editor. The role of associate editor provides important experience for those who wish to become an editor for any ACerS journal.

JACerS has three levels in its editorial structure: editor-in-chief (EIC), editor, and associate editor (AE). Editors are responsible for selecting and inviting referees and for making sure the reviews are returned. After the reviews are submitted, the editor may call upon an associate editor who has specific content expertise to comment on the reviews, particularly in circumstances where the topic of the manuscript is outside the editor’s area of expertise and/or where the reviews are in conflict. Associate editors may also be called upon to provide a more in-depth review than those given by the referees.

Each AE is typically engaged in the review process three to four times per year. In addition, associate editors are asked to submit manuscripts to JACerS and to encourage colleagues to do the same.

Beyond technical experience, the key qualities of the associate editor are responsiveness and communication. As you are likely aware, authors desire ever-more rapid decisions with high-quality feedback. Thus, we rely upon our AEs to provide timely recommendations and to communicate with the editors when unable to complete the requested actions in a timely manner. We welcome candidates over all career stages and from institutions and industries around the world.

If you are interested in joining the JACerS team, please send your brief CV along with a cover letter describing your experience with editing scholarly manuscripts and your ability to fulfill the requirements of the AE position to Jonathon Foreman, journals managing editor, at jforeman@ceramics.org by Nov. 18, 2022.