08-23 JACerS new editors Andrew Sehirlioglu Fu

[Image above] From left: Jennifer Andrew, Alp Sehirlioglu, and Qiang Fu

In 2017, Journal of the American Ceramic Society (JACerS) expanded its core editorial team from four to 13 editors to bring expertise closer to the authors while also shortening the time for the review cycle. As with any successful, highly motivated team, several editors have decided to pursue other challenges at the end of their tenures.

The JACerS editorial team conducted a broad search for new editors. It received many applications from candidates around the world. Three candidates stood out, having expertise in areas of ceramics and glass that enhance the Journal’s reach into innovative topics, such as two-dimensional materials, while complementing that of the rest of our editorial team.

Jennifer Andrew joins the editorial team from University of Florida, bringing her extensive research experience in ceramic processing, electrochemistry, and bioactive materials, as well as the synthesis, processing, and characterization of composite-based nanomaterials for electronic and biomedical applications.

Alp Sehirlioglu is joining as editor from Case Western Reserve University. Sehirlioglu works on ceramics in several forms, including bulk ceramics, thin films, and free-standing nanosheets synthesized through chemical exfoliation. Sehirlioglu has significant research expertise in 2D ceramic materials and more generally in low dimensional phenomena where local chemistry plays a prominent role.

Qiang Fu from Corning Incorporated has extensive research experience in both fundamental and applied glass science, with particular emphasis on glass processing science, bioactive glass and ceramic materials, and nucleation and crystallization in glass-ceramics. Fu was the Varshneya Glass Technology Lecturer at the GOMD meeting this past May.

Professors Andrew and Sehirlioglu begin their tenures in September 2022, while Fu will start in January 2023.

According to John Mauro, incoming editor-in-chief of JACerS, “I am delighted to welcome the three new editors to our team. I am well versed in their work and am confident they will strengthen our excellent team.”

David Poerschke, chair of the ACerS Publications Committee, adds “The editors play a critical role in facilitating efficient manuscript review and maintaining the high-quality standards for work published in JACerS. We are excited for the enthusiasm and expertise that the new editors will bring to the editorial team and look forward to their contributions to the Journal.”

Our outgoing editors are Geoff Brennecka and Elizabeth M. Dickey, who have dedicated themselves to serving our authors over the past several years. The JACerS team and the Society thank them for their consistent high standards and commitment to the highest level of technical rigor.

As was announced previously, Bill Fahrenholtz is ending his tenure as editor-in-chief. Fahrenholtz spearheaded expanding the editorial structure that successfully improved review efficiency while maintaining the Journal’s standards for quality and publishing ethics. The results are impressive. Publishing time is down by approximately four weeks, while the impact factor rose to more than 4 and article downloads surpassed one million per year.


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