What do cutting-edge materials research and the investigation of ancient ceramics have in common? More than you might think, and the connections are the basis of a new ACerS membership type that allows Potters Council (a subsidiary of ACerS) members to join the Art, Archaeology and Conservation Science division. Potters Council members who have an interest in cultural heritage and conservation science can participate as full AACS division members by attending division meetings, sharing ideas, exploring new developments in the field, and discovering the many connections between art and science, side-by-side with ACerS materials scientists and engineers.

ACerS members can add AACS to their membership for only $10 per year. To join, contact customer service at customerservice@ceramics.org or call 866-721-3322 (US) or 240-646-7054 (outside US). Join AACS to get involved with the numerous intersection points between art and materials science and get to know some of the ceramic artists who share your interest in this area!