01-12 Research Exchange

[Image above] Credit: Wiley

Last week, the ACerS journals group announced exciting new changes to enhance the authors’ journey in the manuscript review process. These changes include simplifying the manuscript formatting requirements, guidance for use of artificial intelligence tools, and an introduction to Research Exchange (ReX).

ReX is Wiley’s new interface for authors to submit and manage manuscripts. As a “front end” for ScholarOne/Manuscript Central, our manuscript review management system, ReX organizes metadata using AI tools and then transfers it to ScholarOne along with the manuscript file(s).

Fortunately for our authors, Wiley’s team was able to implement ReX rapidly, and these sites are now active for new submissions to ACerS’ three subscription/hybrid journals: Journal of the American Ceramic Society (JACerS), International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology (ACT), and International Journal of Applied Glass Science (IJAGS).

Please update your browsers to point to the ReX submission sites:

Due to special requirements for the article processing charge (APC) payment mechanism for gold open-access journals, authors submitting to International Journal of Ceramic Engineering & Science (IJCES) will continue to submit manuscripts through Manuscript Central/ScholarOne) at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ijces.

During the transition to ReX, revisions to manuscripts that were originally submitted to a journal’s Manuscript Central/ScholarOne site should also be submitted through that site. Please make sure to follow the instructions on your revision decision letter. For articles with this status, the revision submission links will continue to appear in the submitting author’s “Author Center” in the journal’s Manuscript Central/ScholarOne site.

Furthermore, reviewers and editors for all journals must use that journal’s Manuscript Central/ScholarOne site to access their reviewer and editor centers. We suggest bookmarking the Manuscript Central/ScholarOne site for the journal(s) of interest:

We hope that our community experiences minimal challenges during this transition. We ask for your patience as we work through all the details. If you have any difficulties, please contact Jonathon Foreman, managing editor of journals, jforeman@ceramics.org.