Eva Hemmer (small)

ACerS is pleased to announce that Eva Hemmer has been selected for the Volunteer Spotlight program through which we recognize a member who demonstrates outstanding service to The American Ceramic Society through volunteerism.

Hemmer received her Ph.D. in materials science from Saarland University (Germany) in 2008, where she focused on the synthesis of rare earth alkoxides and their decomposition to rare earth-containing inorganic nanomaterials. In winter 2015, Hemmer joined the University of Ottawa as an assistant professor in order to design and study novel multifunctional rare earth-based nanocarriers for biomedical and energy conversion applications at the Department of Chemistry and Bimolecular Sciences.

Since 2015, Hemmer has been a member of the organizational teams of the Global Young Investigator Forum at ICACC (Daytona) and at several other ACerS meetings. She has also been instrumental in organizing the ACerS Winter Workshop. As treasurer of the ACerS Canada chapter, Hemmer is contributing to the promotion of ACerS activities in Canada. She was awarded the 2014 Global Young Investigator Award of the Engineering Ceramics Division and the 2018 Du-Co Ceramics Young Professional Award.

We extend our deep appreciation to Hemmer for her service to our Society!