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ACerS is pleased to announce Kelley Wilkerson has been selected for Volunteer Spotlight, a program that recognizes a member who demonstrates outstanding service to The American Ceramic Society through volunteerism.

Wilkerson is assistant teaching professor in the Department of Materials Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Her primary focus includes hands-on laboratory experiences at the undergraduate level. She received her bachelor’s degree in ceramic engineering (2007) and Ph.D. in materials science (2012) from Missouri S&T. Prior to entering academia, she began her career at Allied Mineral Products working in the refractories industry.

In addition to teaching, Wilkerson has a passion for service and volunteerism. Since starting her teaching career in 2018, she has included service as a critical element of each course, in hopes to inspire students to have a passion for giving back to their community. She also serves the local community by providing STEM outreach events to K–12 students.

A member of The American Ceramic Society since 2007, Wilkerson has held several volunteer positions, including serving on the Strategic Planning and Emerging Opportunities Committee and the Bulletin Editorial Advisory Board. She has chaired multiple sessions at MS&T, and most recently served as chair of the Refractory Ceramics Division. Wilkerson has also been a part of the National Keramos Board.

We extend our deep appreciation to Wilkerson for her service to our Society!