A Novel Temperature-Compensated Microwave Dielectric (1−x)(Mg0.95Ni0.05)TiO3−xCa0.6La0.8/3TiO3 Ceramics System | The American Ceramic Society

A Novel Temperature-Compensated Microwave Dielectric (1−x)(Mg0.95Ni0.05)TiO3−xCa0.6La0.8/3TiO3 Ceramics System

Volume 6 Issue 5, Pages 562 – 570

Chun-Hsu Shen, Cheng-Liang Huang, Chuan-Feng Shih, Chih-Ming Huang
Online: Nov 19 2008 12:55PM

DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7402.2008.02326.x


The microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of a (1−x)(Mg0.95Ni0.05)TiO3xCa0.6La0.8/3TiO3 ceramics system have been investigated. The system was prepared using a
conventional solid-state ceramic route. In order to produce a
temperature-stable material, Ca0.6La0.8/3TiO3
was added for a near-zero temperature coefficient (τf).
With partial replacement of Mg2+ by Ni2+,
the dielectric properties of the (1−x)(Mg0.95Ni0.05)TiO3xCa0.6La0.8/3TiO3
ceramics can be promoted. The microwave dielectric properties are
strongly correlated with the sintering temperature and the composition.
An excellent Q × f value of 118,000 GHz can be
obtained for the system with x=0.9 at 1325°C. For
practical application, a dielectric constant (ɛr)
of 24.61, a Q × f value of 102,000 GHz, and a
temperature coefficient of resonant frequency (τf)
of −3.6 ppm/°C for 0.85(Mg0.95Ni0.05)TiO3−0.15Ca0.6La0.8/3TiO3
at 1325°C are proposed. A parallel-coupled line band-pass filter is
designed and simulated using the proposed dielectric to study its

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