Volume 6 Issue 6, Pages 736 – 748

Hasan Alanyali, Mustafa Çöl, Muharrem Yilmaz, Şadi Karagöz
Online: Dec 11 2008 11:51AM

DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7402.2008.02317.x

A steel-making slag (basic oxygen furnace) obtained from the Kardemir
Steelworks was modified to be used as a clinker additive in the cement
industry. This study confirmed that the compressive strength values of
concretes produced by addition of these steel-making slags up to
30 mass% were within the values of Grade-325 and Grade-425 steel-making
slag cement. This is an attractive alternative for cement manufacturers,
because calcined material is expensive, and slag substitutes are very
often cheaper, in addition to its low or zero-greenhouse-gas emission.

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