Volume 6 Issue 5, Pages 581 – 586

Jin-Seong Kim, Ngoc-Huan Nguyen, Myung-Eun Song, Jong-Bong Lim, Dong-Soo
Paik, Sahn Nahm, Jong-Hoo Paik, Byung-Hyun Choi, Soon-Jae Yu
Online: Dec 11 2008 11:50AM

DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7402.2008.02335.x

Bi2O3 was added to a
nominal composition of Zn1.8SiO3.8
(ZS) ceramics to decrease their sintering temperature. When the Bi2O3
content was <8.0 mol%, a porous microstructure with Bi4(SiO4)3
and SiO2 second phases was developed in the
specimen sintered at 885°C. However, when the Bi2O3
content exceeded 8.0 mol%, a liquid phase, which formed during
sintering at temperatures below 900°C, assisted the densification of the
ZS ceramics. Good microwave dielectric properties of Q ×
=12,600 GHz, ɛr=7.6, and τf=−22 ppm/°C
were obtained from the specimen with 8.0 mol% Bi2O3
sintered at 885°C for 2 h.

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