Shifeng Liu, Yu-Ping Zeng, Dongliang Jiang, Shifeng Liu
Online: Oct 29 2008 1:03PM

DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7402.2008.02300.x

Mullitized porous oxidation-bonded SiC (OBSC) ceramics were fabricated
with and without preheat-treated aluminosilicate by an in
reaction-bonding process. The effects of the
preheat-treated aluminosilicate on the phase development,
microstructure, and mechanical properties of porous SiC ceramics were
investigated. With 5.0 wt% preheat-treated aluminosilicate addition, the
process of mullitization was significantly promoted. Owing to the
enhancement of neck growth by the preheat-treated aluminosilicate, a
high flexural strength of 86.9 MPa was achieved at an open porosity of
35.3%, and the porous SiC ceramics maintained good thermal shock
resistance. With 5.0 wt% preheat-treated aluminosilicate addition, the
average pore size of porous SiC ceramics was enlarged from 2.8 to
4.0 μm. The effects of preheat-treated aluminosilicate content on the
oxidation degree of SiC, open porosity, and flexural strength of porous
SiC ceramics were also investigated.

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