Volume 6 Issue 5, Pages 607 – 616

Ken Hirota, Yoshihiro Nakayama, Masaki Kato, Shingo Nakane, Toshiyuki
Published Online: Nov 5 2008 3:16PM

DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7402.2008.02323.x

Carbon nanofiber (CNF)-dispersed B4C composites
have been synthesized and consolidated directly from mixtures of
elemental raw powders by pulsed electric current pressure sintering
(1800°C/10 min/30 MPa). A 15 vol% CNF/B4C
composite with ∼99% of dense homogeneous microstructures (∼0.40 μm
grains) revealed excellent mechanical properties at room temperature and
high temperatures: a high bending strength (σb)
of ∼710 MPa, a Vickers hardness (Hv)
of ∼36 GPa, a fracture toughness (KIC) of ∼7.9 MPa m1/2,
and high-temperature σb of 590 MPa at 1600°C in
N2. Interfaces between the CNF and the B4C
matrix were investigated using high-resolution transmission electron
microscopy, EDS, and electron energy-loss spectroscopy.

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