Volume 7 Issue 1, Pages 49 – 54

Seiichi Suda, Masahiko Matsumiya, Koichi Kawahara, Kaori Jono
Online: Oct 14 2009 1:09PM

DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7402.2009.02450.x

We have developed glass/ceramic composite seals composed of glass
precursors (NS particles) and ceramic precursors (S particles). The
composite seals exhibited low gas permeability at room temperature
−650°C, irrespective of the fusion profiles. However, short-term fusion
led to the formation of pores in the seals and the pores in the seals
depressed the thermal cycle durability. As for the NS/S composite
ratios, the addition of S particles obviously improved the thermal cycle
durability, but excess addition will bring about delamination at the
seal/substrate interface. Appropriate NS/S ratios as well as an adequate
fusion profile would result in composite seals with high strength and

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