The Glass & Optical Materials Division of The American Ceramic Society invites nominations for the Cooper Scholars Award. This undergraduate award is named in honor of the late Professor Alfred R. Cooper, Jr., member of the faculty at Case Western Reserve University and a prominent contributor to the understanding of many glass phenomena and glass problems. Donations to the Cooper Fund are always welcome.

The purpose of the Cooper Scholars Award is to encourage and recognize undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence in research, engineering, and/or study in glass science or technology. The award will be presented during the GOMD Cooper Session at MS&T each October.

The Cooper Scholars Award recipient will receive an award plaque and a check for $500.

The student can be from any country. Membership in The American Ceramic Society, the Glass & Optical Materials Division, or Material Advantage is not required.

How to submit nominations:
The nomination package can be submitted by the undergraduate student candidate and/or by the faculty advisor or other research mentor and should consist of the three documents listed below.

Information to be submitted:
A nomination letter from the faculty advisor and/or other research/development mentor for the project describing the role, contributions, and strengths of the student.

  1. A five page report written by the student describing:
    • The cover page will provide the project title and student contact information
    • Two pages can be used for technical description of the project
      •     The technical problem being solved or research project being undertaken
      •     The methods used to solve the problem or conduct the research
      •     The results obtained from the study
      •     An analysis of the results in terms of the goals of the project
      •     A description of future work to continue and expand the project
    • One page can be used for figures, which must be publication quality
    • One page can be used for citations to provide bibliographic information
  2. A two page essay written by the student describing:
    • What was learned scientifically from the project
    • What he/she enjoyed most about the project
    • His/her future plans

The work described in the nomination package must have been completed while the student was an undergraduate student and had not yet earned the equivalent of the Bachelor’s degree. Nominations will still be accepted if the student completes the degree requirements in the fall, winter, or spring terms in the academic year of the award. For example, a student reporting work prior to graduation and then graduating in the fall of 2023 would be eligible to submit to this competition.

Only one nomination will be accepted per institution.


Submit your nomination to:

Steve Martin and copy Vicki Evans

Deadline for Nominations:

May 15