The Roland B. Snow award is presented to the Best of Show winner of the Ceramographic Exhibit & Competition, an annual poster exhibit to promote the use of microscopy and microanalysis as tools in the scientific investigation of ceramic materials. The competition is held during the ACerS Annual Meeting at MS&T and entries are prominently displayed in the Convention Center. Winning entries may appear on the back covers of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society throughout the year.

First, second and third place winners will be recognized in each of the six categories listed below, with a certificate and a monetary awards of $75, $50 and $25, respectively.

The Best of Show winner will be announced at the Sosman Lecture and at the Basic Science Division Business Meeting. The poster awarded Best of Show will receive the Roland B. Snow Award, which includes a $1,500 monetary award, certificate, and commemorative glass piece. Note that the Roland B. Snow winner does not get the monetary category award mentioned above, just the $1,500 award.

Participants are encouraged to submit entries in one or more of the following categories:

  • Optical Microscopy (including confocal)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Transmission and/or Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Microanalysis / Combined Techniques
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy
  • Undergraduate Studies

Rules of Entry:

1. Previous entries are not acceptable.

2. Only 2 entries per category per person (note that only 2 posters total will be printed by BSD if submitted digitally, but additional hard-copy posters can be submitted).

3. If mailing a hard-copy of poster, the entire poster should be mounted on stiff cardboard or laminated (poster should be stiff and easy to hang).

4. Poster should have the dimensions 41 cm by 51 cm with NO MORE than four images/graphs.

5. Descriptive text should be limited to 75 words or less.

6. Entries shall be clearly labeled on the front face with the following information:

  •  Category (lower right hand corner)
  • Concise title (across top of poster)
  • Names and affiliations of contributors below title. Also put your name and return address on the back of the entry.

7. Undergraduate student entrants must be enrolled in ceramic courses at the time photographs are produced.

8. If fewer than four entries are received per classification, they will be combined with another classification.

9. Sign and submit the Permission to Use Form.  The American Ceramic Society arranges to have some of the winning Ceramographic posters published on the back cover of the Journal each year. All entrants must complete the form and submit it along with an electronic copy of the poster entry to Klaus van Benthem. Receipt of the form and electronic poster allows ACerS to send posters to Wiley for possible publication in the JournalNOTE: YOU MAY ALSO ELECT TO SEND YOUR ACTUAL HARD-COPY POSTER TO Klaus van Benthem OR BRING YOUR HARD-COPY POSTER TO MS&T.

10. The Roland B. Snow certificate will be presented to the winner of the Best of Show poster at the Sosman Lecture. If your poster wins the Best Show award, please plan to attend the Sosman Lecture.

Contact Klaus van Benthem with any questions. 

Dr. Klaus van Benthem
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
1 Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616-5270

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Deadline for Nominations:

Digital posters can be submitted and will be printed by BSD, at no charge to you, for the exhibit (limit of 2 entries per person).