The Edward Orton, Jr. Memorial Lecture is presented by the invited lecturer at the ACerS Annual Meeting/MS&T. The lecture is named for benefactor and visionary General Edward Orton, Jr. who was a founder of The American Ceramic Society and started the first Ceramic Engineering education program in America at The Ohio State University in 1894.

The nominee to be chosen should best represent the past tradition of the Orton Lecturer and provide the Society with a learned lecture at its Annual Meeting. The Lecturers should have national recognition in a field related to the interest of the membership of the Society. The Lecturer should be an accomplished speaker and communicate well to the mixed audience (members and visitors). The choice of Lecturer may be from within or outside of the Society. The Committee on the Orton Memorial Lecture shall select the Orton Lecturer.

Nominations should include one (1) letter of nomination, a CV of up to ten (10) pages and no more than three (3) letters of support.

You may start, save, complete, and submit your nominations accessing the acers award portal below. 


Submit questions via email to: Erica Zimmerman

Deadline for Nominations:

March 1 annually