The Global Ambassador Program recognizes dedicated ACerS volunteers worldwide who demonstrate exceptional leadership and/or service that benefits the Society, its members, and the global ceramics and glass community.

The ACerS President will select up to 15 volunteers per year for recognition as Global Ambassadors, in consultation with Board members, general membership, and ACerS staff, if desired.

Recognition will be in the form of a certificate and a Global Ambassador pin, to be presented by the President or his/her representative at any time deemed appropriate by the President, or by mail. The names of the Global Ambassadors for each year will be published on the ACerS website and in the Bulletin.

Eligibility and process:

  • Nominee must be a current ACerS member.
  • Nominations may be made by any current ACerS member, or by ACerS staff. Self-nominations are permitted.
  • A nomination form must be submitted and should include a statement of no more than 500 words stating the nominee’s leadership and service to ACerS either over a period of several years, or highlighting service over and above expectations in a single event/activity, such as organizing a meeting, chairing a committee or task force, recruiting new members, frequently writing and/or reviewing for ACerS publications, or tirelessly promoting the Society and the ceramics and glass community to the rest of the world. Only the nomination form may be submitted. No CVs, letters of support, or additional materials are permitted. Materials that exceed the limitation will not be considered. The ACerS President alone may appoint Global Ambassadors without submitting a nomination, based on personal knowledge of a person’s leadership and service to ACerS.
  • Nomination forms may be submitted at any time throughout the year. The President will review nominations periodically and will select members for recognition.
  • Nominations are active for three reviews by ACerS Presidents. The nominee may be nominated again after that, but the volunteer activity described should be a different one than originally submitted. If a President in a given year has awarded all 15 Global Ambassadorships and more nominations come in after the limit has been reached, the nominations will be held for review by the next President and that will count as the first review.

Global Ambassador Award Nomination Form

For questions, contact Erica Zimmerman at