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Engineering Ceramics Division: James I. Mueller Lecture

This award recognizes the enormous contributions of James I. Mueller to the Engineering Ceramics Division and the field of engineering ceramics. It is the intent of this award to recognize the accomplishments of individuals who have made similar contributions.
The two main criteria used in selecting the recipient are:

  1. Long-term service to the Engineering Ceramics Division, and
  2. Work in the area of engineering ceramics that has made a significant industrial, national, or academic impact.

Award selection can be based on either criteria number one or number two, or a combination of both.

The award consists of a memorial plaque, certificate, and an honorarium of $1000.

Please send your nominations (preferably by email), including a written statement of the nominee’s qualifications and contributions, by July 1st, to:

Jingyang Wang

Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
72 Wenhua Road
Shenyang, Liaoning
110016 CHINA

Phone: 86-24-23971762

Deadline for Nominations:

July 1st annually